Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System

MSPNP models MM9093, MM9495, and MM9697 covering the 1990-1997 Miata

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MegaSquirtPNP MM9495 Features

The featureset of each model MSPNP may vary a bit.  Here's where you'll find the various models and their features...


MegaSquirtPNP Model #MM9495 Features

1994-1995 USDM Mazda Miata w/ manual tranny

MM9495 has also been tested independently by customers in some other countries, and is currently in use in the UK and Australia.  So long are your 94-95 car is running the 1.8l motor, and ODB1 computer, it appears to be the same worldwide.  Watch out for some rare instances in some countries where ODB2 computers were used in these cars, or 1.6l motors were still used in 94-95, the MM9495 system will not be PNP in these instances.

Extra Features added to the hardware:


Included with the MSPNP EMS will be the tuning cable, software and manual CD, mounting hardware, and vacuum line with 'T' fitting.  Everything you'll need to install your MSPNP leaving your MAF in place.  If you'd like to remove your MAF we have a couple of kits to help simplify that process as well.  These kits as well as the MSPNP EMS are now available for purchase online.





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The MegaSquirtPNP, as with any programmable engine management system, may not

be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles and is therefore produced and sold for off road/race use only.  Check federal/local laws.


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