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MSPNP models MM9093, MM9495, and MM9697 covering the 1990-1997 Miata

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Joe Tenney's ITA Miata #16   --  10/29/08

ITA Motor, fairly strong but still running the stock ECU with all the AFM tweaking and base timing tweaks that it can handle.

DynaPack 4022 Dyno, Pump 93 Octane fuel for all pulls


Here's the best of three pulls on the stock ECU as the car arrived. Tweaked MAF, advanced distributor. WAY LEAN as observed during the pulls.



Here's the final pull after we installed the MSPNP MM9093 and tuned it out. I let the dyno auto-scale to show you the exact peaks, I'll post a direct comparison of before/after next with manual/matched scaling to make everything prettier. Right off the bat here though you can see peak numbers improved. 2.7wtq, and 5.3whp. Those peak numbers only tell a tiny piece of the story though.  Because the 'under the curve' effect was so dramatic, you'll probably also notice the torque line stayed left and above the HP line after, where it hugged it before and even dipped under. There is a dramatic change there, but it's hard to really read as part of that has to do with scaling, so let's scale it evenly and take another look:



Here's the direct comparison. Down low that's a 16ft/lb increase (nearly 20% there), that slowly tapers off as he heads toward 4800rpm. Up top there's a 4-10whp increase all the way to redline. You can see where I laid the line on the graph at 6800-6900 there's a 10.2whp/7.8wtq increase. Still making more power there than the stock ECU was at it's peak at 6300rpm.


NOTE:  For a built ITA motor, yes the base map provided with the MSPNP by will be too lean as it was built on a stock motor/car.  This is a race motor and breathes much better than stock, hence it needs more fuel.  Joe was nice enough to allow us to share his dyno charts and his map for others to use as a base to tune from.  You can find this on the MSPNP Downloads page linked at the bottom of this page.



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